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"This is an excellent book. It's honest, genuine and the stories are extremely engaging and memorable. These gems are littered throughout the book and you often find yourself smiling at how humorous and brilliant they are when comparing them to real-life marketing scenarios.

Brian is clearly someone who has mastered his craft and is able to convey how to 'marketing automation' in an extremely eloquent and entertaining way. Don't expect this book to be corporate at all, it's a real expert sharing valuable experience."

Tom Ryan - CEO MarCloud, Salesforce Marketing Champion

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A new twist on how to get the best out of your Marketing Automation platform

Don't settle for the traditional business books that will send you to sleep, reap the benefits from Brian's journeys around the world and his decades worth of Marketing Automation experience, all in one book.

Hang on, why am I talking in the 3rd person, it's me, typing this, all I want to say is this "read this, get entertained, learn about how YOU and MA should operate in your org and turn your marketing dept from a cost into a profit centre - and have fun whilst doing it"

This isn't just another book about marketing automation, its also how marketing and you can thrive in your organisation.

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Born and bred in London and moved to Denmark 15 years ago. 

I help transform marketers and marketing and elevate them within their organisations. My mission is to inspire and support you.

I have cried, rejoiced and laughed a lot whilst managing over 3000 email marketing campaigns over a decade and had my head in technology for double that time. 

I've spent years traveling around our beautiful planet on a motorbike, experienced the full spectrum of humanity, seen some weird stuff out there, and even weirder stuff in organisations.

So hold onto your hats brothers and sisters, I'm going to take you on a marketing automation journey you won't forget.

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All you will ever receive from me is useful, no BS knowledge to help you in your marketing automation platform and email marketing.

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