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Email messaging: hands down, the most effective, trusted channel you are probably not using well

Updated: Mar 9

After you spend a ton of your marketing budget on driving people to your website, what do you do with the people that have trusted your ad messages? After they have clicked your ad, read your good looking landing page, do you give them a good reason and a decent value proposition to opt into your email messaging?

If your answer is no, then you are litereally throwing your org's money away, money down the drain.

Organisations are so focussed on generating prospect awareness, to get their good name out there with ads, and other forms of inbound initatives, the lasting trusting relationship they want to establish - with their prospects - is overlooked or squandered.

A sizable part of your marketing strategy should be involved with gaining the trust and respect of your prospects enough for them to entrust their email address with your organisation. Only when you have a strategy to grow your database of prospects that fit your ideal customer profile, can you realistically engage them with the most effective ( and most cost effective ) marketing channel.

Interruption marketing (ads, social) is what we need to drive those that don't know you to your content

Permission marketing (email) is what you need to take the relationship forward, to earn trust and engage in conversational marketing - messages that guarentees delivery.

Business don't buy from businesses, people buy from people - so choose the channel that you own and open up private, one to one, customised messaging that only you and your prospect sees and generate that most precious marketing elixir - trust.

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