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If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed

I didn't make that quote up, it came from Mark Twain, and this quote from him is a hundred years old. I have to say it still stands.

I have a beef with the news - much of the time. Journalism (in my mind) exists to report on the facts. First, establish the facts, quote a decent source of these facts and then provide a view on them and admit that it's your point of view. Educate, not entertain.

It used to be this way Nowawdays even established papers and outlets are getting clickbatey.

A good friend of mine, once told me that he didn't read the news. Which I thought irresponsible at the time.

I'm siding towards ignorance is bliss these days and weeks ahead. I'm following his role here and try to keep out of the news, because you can more or less predict what the news will say, day after day. There will be a casualty, a freak story that they capitalize on and that will be taken is as a normal.

I talked about the news once , and I stand by it today, we read the news as humans seem to be predisposed to err towards drama. But I really cannot believe they are helping our mental state of mind.

We will only stop this style of reporting when we stop reading it.

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