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Marketing with empathy

Updated: Mar 9

Really? Is it possible? How can you have empathy with all the possible use cases that a person has when they visit your online presence?

What does empathy even mean when it comes to B2B marketing?

I recently came across a very helpful video that put it's in perspective - in fact, you could use it every time you have thought about publishing anything online.

It highlights a very very big thing that is missing from a lot of B2B marketing, namely the empathy towards the human being receiving it.

When it comes to messaging, use the same words as the people you want to connect with. Imagine talking with someone using all the industry buzzwords and three-letter acronyms they can chuck at you. It's not so charming, is it? Why put them in an email then? You restrict your audience immediately.

Get into speaking plain English, Spanish, Chinese in your messages, and you automatically start being empathetic, the rest will start to come.....IF the powers that be in your org. understand this video and how it can relate to your customers and potential customers.

"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant"

Go on, flick them a copy of the video. I dare you.

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